GRN Peoria’s recruiting staff brings decades of recruiting and hiring manager experience to your critical talent needs. Our clients include Fortune 500 to small private companies. Each of us were corporate hiring managers before we chose to be dedicated recruiters. We have direct experience in YOUR world, and have the same sense of urgency you have to bring excellent talent to top business needs. We worked at companies like Bank of America, Proctor & Gamble, Stanley/Black & Decker, Thomas & Betts, Caterpillar and Accenture.
Our expertise, recruiting tools, and process delivers multiple candidates. We validated candidates through multiple interviews for your "must haves." And we accomplish this in days and weeks, not months. Quality and qualifications are determined through multiple interviews, appropriate assessments and reference checking.
Results speak for themselves:
  • 100% of our recruiting assignments deliver multiple qualified candidates
  • 76% of the work we do every year is for clients we have worked for previously
  • 94% of the final offers extended to candidate by through us are accepted
  • 93% of the candidates we place are still in place AND highly productive 1 year after hire
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